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What The Hell Happened!? (According To Wes) [Jan. 1st-14th]

- What Happened This Week (Jan. 1st-14th) [Double Edition] -


2014 has begun & it’s safe to say that it’s off to an entertaining start. With so many news stories surfacing this early in the year I’ve decided to begin a segment I’ll call “What Happened This Week” which will pertain to said news stories & my take on them. The first installment will feature two weeks of news from New Years Day up until Wednesday, Jan. 15th. Well, let’s begin :

There’s a man with two penises sticking it to both sexes, an escaped inmate turns himself back in after experiencing the freezing Polar Vortex, Ice Cube’s a cop AGAIN!, Outkast reunites & everyone rightfully creams their pants, man dies in atomic fashion, blowjobs are healthy, Kanye fights 18 year old for the right to fuck, & so much more we won’t get into like Justin Bieber’s false promise of retirement! (Follow me on Twitter @TheeWesSmith)

  • Man With Two Penises Exposes Double Dragon Secrets


   Above the man with two penises answers questions about his double dragon. What would it be like to have two penises? I don’t know. Probably pretty normal until you realize that not everyone has two. I wonder when that moment was… How’d the doctor attack that conversation with his mother after birth? Or him as a child? He talks about peeing in public, sexy time (which features both sexes), growing up, & a number of things you may or may not care to know. Like how people react to it. All you really need to know is 2014 gave birth to the double penis.

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Wes Smith @ Crackers Comedy Club (Nov. 5th) [1st Ever Set Watched By My Grandmother]

I had my Grandma watch my set from Tuesday (linked) when I visited her for her 79th Birthday today. She hadn’t ever seen me perform comedy before & I wanted to make sure she got the chance. I told her, “You’ve got to watch my latest set regardless of expletives & material. There’s no F-Bombs, promise. Just watch!” Surprisingly she pretty much laughed throughout the whole thing. I could tell she was thoroughly entertained & dare I say, Proud. ♥ Yes, even if I joke about having sex with chicken salad. ;)

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